Irish Cà phê ( Pronounced café)

Irish Cà phê ( Pronounced café)

Recipe by Wilson Trang


8oz glass,
1 oz of Slane Whiskey
6 oz of Phin-Brewed Vietnamese Coffee
1 barspoon of granulated coconut sugar
Whole Egg Cream


Cocktail Instructions
1) Pour boiling water into glass to warm glass
2) Start coffee process by preparing the ground coffee beans into the phin (Vietnamese coffee drip). Read below for proper coffee preparation of coffee via Phin.
3) When coffee is ready for cocktail, empty glass of warm water.
4) Fill 6 oz of coffee into cocktail glass.
5) Pour 1 barspoon of coconut sugar into coffee mixture and mix until sugar is diluted.
6) Pour 1oz of Slane into the coffee mixture
7) Top with Whole Egg Cream
General instructions on how to prepare Coffee via phin.
1. Place phin filter on top of cup
2. Add Vietnamese coffee (we recommend 2 tablespoons)
3. Shake out filter and add gravity press
4. Bloom coffee with 1/3 inch of hot water (195º-205º F) for 45 seconds
5. Add water to top of filter
6. Let brew completely and enjoy!

Whole Egg Cream
1. Place 2 whole eggs to 6 tablespoons of condensed Milk together in mixing glass over a heated surface
2. Use electric mixer to beat eggs until a foam tan colored cream where the ribbons are forming

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