Dottie’s Winter Coffee

Dottie’s Winter Coffee

Recipe by Jeff Terry


2 oz Slane Irish Whiskey
.5 Stout reduction (using Ecliptic Imperial Barrel Aged Stout)
4oz Reforma’s Abuelita’s Blend coffee
Fernet Whip
Sprinkle with magical cinnamon and cayenne pepper


In a pre heated Irish coffee mug, pour in Slane Irish whiskey, stout syrup, and add Abuelitas coffee.

Add your Fernet Whip and then sprinkle the magical cinnamon/cayenne dust.

*Stout Syrup-24 oz of Ecliptic Barrel aged Imperial stout, 1 cup Demerara. Mix together well in a sauce pan and bring to a simmer. Let simmer for 30 min. Remove from heat and let cool. Bottle and label. Lasts 30+ days.

*Fernet Whip-1oz Fernet to 16 oz heavy cream. Can mix in ISI or use bar mixer/blender. Store and label. Lasts 7 days.

*Cinnamon/Cayenne magic sprinkles- 2 table spoons cinnamon powder, 1 table spoon cayenne pepper. Mix well and store in spice shaker.

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